Healthcare Center



The Arc Mercer Health Care Center officially opened its doors to the Mercer County Community on June 8, 2011 with the vision to provide people with developmental disabilities both primary and mental health care services. The Arc Mercer Health Care Center staff brings a combined 30 years experience providing exceptional care to people with developmental disabilities. This is done through the collaboration of care provided by our Primary Care Physicians Michelle Tomlinson D.O. Catherine Schiano D.O. and our Mental Health Staff Dr. Jorge L. Bascara M.D. and Monica Quaste MS-LPC.

Primary Care Services

Our primary care physicians coordinate care among multiple specialists in patients with complicated medical problems. This has resulted in decreased emergency room visits and hospitalizations for our patients. We provide acute care for immediate needs as well as preventative services; annual physicals, gynecological services, venipuncture and EKGs. We provide care in a low key comfortable environment which helps the patient relax and feel safe.

Mental Health Services

Two behavioral specialists create individual behavioral plans that help consumers reach their highest possible level of achievement. Mental health services, including psychiatric care and on-site individual, group, and family therapy are provided by Monica Quaste, MS, LPC and Jorge L Bascara MD. These services help present our consumers with new opportunities to develop the skills needed to express their wants, needs, and desires in a healthy, constructive manner. It has also led to a decrease in the use of psychiatric medications as well as admissions to a crisis center. This is in part due to the use of Pharmacogenetic Testing which enables the psychiatrist to determine the right drug and right dose of medication and minimizes trial and error prescribing; potentially shortening the time it takes for patients to feel better.

For more information on the Pharmacogenetic Testing