Annual Talent Show’s a Winner!

February 22nd, 2018

In many ways, our Arts programming here at The Arc Mercer is much like the US Postal Service:  whether rain, sleet or snow, the show must go on. This was no exception with our talent show this past December. On a very snowy Friday night, our actors and performers delivered one of the most exciting performances of the year: The Arc Mercer’s Got Talent! And although travel conditions were not ideal, many members of our community came out in full support to observe all of the hard work that our consumers put in for the previous 13 weeks.

The presentation was filled with a plethora of acts, ranging from singers and dancers, acting skits, a couple’s dance routine and even a mock hypnotist act. For almost two hours, the audience was given an opportunity to see the finishing results of hard work from a group that treats each other more like family than friends. The support among the contestants is truly outstanding and the way in which they encourage one another is remarkable.

When the group felt like one of their peers was struggling, they would join them out on the stage as a way of showing solidarity. This was something that they all spoke about during the rehearsals, as there were certain folks who were a bit more shy and reserved than others. But once they saw that their friends had their back, the level of comfort was evident by the visible improvement of the performance. The world could learn a lot from gestures such as this.

Even though they were all winners, there were three acts that took home the trophies (made by our art department) for first, second and third place. In third place was our couples act, performed by Paul and Claudia. With choreographed moves, they were able to regale the audience with a wonderful dance number to a classic Al Green song. In second place was our own Vincent Woodson, who sang “Around God’s Throne” a capella. Vincent did not even want to participate but was thoroughly encouraged to do so by his peers and staff when he presented his talent in rehearsal. Our first place winner was Nasira McDavison, who has mastered the choreographed moves to Beyoncé’s “Single ladies.” She was so step-for-step that she could have easily replaced one of the dancers in the video.

Our next talent show will take place sometime this summer. We expect to have a much larger crowd because we will not have to compete with the snow. Continue to check our website ( for more information. Video of the show is now available. For information on how you can get a copy or see it on-line, contact Kirk Ponton,