Arc Mercer Gala to Recognize Fulfillment House and Its President, Greg Kilmer

October 11th, 2017

Greg Kilmer, president of the Fulfillment House in Yardville, is being honored with The Arc Mercer’s 2017 Hero Award. The honor is in recognition of the robust partnership between the Fulfillment House and the The Arc Mercer and how it has benefited the people with special needs who are employed by the business. The Award will be presented at the Arc’s Gala on November 17 at the Stone Terrace in Hamilton Township.

The Fulfillment House has created community-based employment that offers quality jobs to Arc Mercer individuals with special needs. In providing well-paying, rewarding work for them, the Fulfillment House has opened the door to opportunity for up to a dozen Arc Mercer employees at its Yardville location.

The two organizations both place a great value on family: The Arc Mercer is a family to some who would not otherwise have family, while the Fulfillment House is a family-run and operated company. It took some serendipity to bring these two families together in their current partnership.

Greg recounts that about a year ago, a customer approached him with the need for some hand assembly work, a task the company had phased out. It so happened that at the same time, Greg was in discussions with Arc Mercer Executive Director Steve Cook to explore a partnership. Bringing Arc Mercer employees on would allow the Fulfillment House to meet the customers’ need. Not only that, it had some space open up at just the right time to accommodate The Arc Mercer personnel.

These fortuitous events allowed The Arc Mercer and the Fulfillment House to rekindle a relationship that had begun 15 years ago but had recently experienced a hiatus. When the new proposal to partner with The Arc Mercer came up, some in the company had some management concerns.

Greg credits his daughter, Kara (pictured above with Greg), with stepping up to assume the role of liaison to The Arc Mercer. She recalled the work they had done a decade-and-a-half before and felt sure the partnership would be fruitful for all concerned.

Greg showed good judgement in trusting Kara’s instincts about forging ahead with the partnership. It has indeed succeeded. In the coming year, the only question is how to find enough space to expand the presence of The Arc Mercer enclave.

To attend The Arc Mercer’s Fall Gala, or to purchase tickets or contribute an item to the Silent Auction, contact Dawn Carmosino at 609-406-0181, ext 113.