Learn About The Arc Mercer SNAP Club

April 23rd, 2018 by Arc Mercer Social Media

By John Bird, Recreation Manager Special Needs Alliance for Pride (or what is known as SNAP), is a club dedicated to reaching out to the LGBTQ+ community for support and acceptance. The founder of the SNAP Club, Ray Truitt, started this club with the purpose to bring together individuals that identify as LGBTQ+ with special needs. As this topic of LGBTQ+ and Special Needs together has not be

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The Arc Mercer Choir to Sing at Spring Show

April 8th, 2018 by Arc Mercer Social Media

By Jaclyn DiLouie. Music Manager We are the world, We are the children We are the ones who make a brighter day So, let's start giving, There's a choice we're making We're saving our own lives, It's true we'll make a better day, Just you and me Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie wrote the beautiful words to this famous song, which was released in 1985 and won several awards in the following

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Arc Mercer Consumers Come Together in the Name of Music

April 5th, 2018 by Arc Mercer Social Media

By John Bird, Recreation Manager Our monthly Coffee House falls on the last Monday of each month and brings music to the Halo Pub in Hamilton. The Arc Mercer assembles a band to play popular music to play for our consumers and the general public that come into the ice cream establishment. This band consists of our Music Manager, Jaclyn Dilouie, and local musicians that believe in The Arc Mercer

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Annual Talent Show’s a Winner!

February 22nd, 2018 by Arc Mercer Social Media

In many ways, our Arts programming here at The Arc Mercer is much like the US Postal Service:  whether rain, sleet or snow, the show must go on. This was no exception with our talent show this past December. On a very snowy Friday night, our actors and performers delivered one of the most exciting performances of the year: The Arc Mercer's Got Talent! And although travel conditions were not ideal

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The Arc Mercer Provides Supports by Staff Certified in Applied Behavior Analysis

February 14th, 2018 by Arc Mercer Social Media

The Arc Mercer Behavior team currently has staff available to provide supports to all service recipients, including those living in group homes and other living arrangements and individuals attending day, respite and vocational training programs. Recently, all Arc Mercer staff providing behavior supports were trained and became certified in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) through

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Unconventional Teaching

February 9th, 2018 by Arc Mercer Social Media

By Jaclyn DiLouie, The Arc Mercer Music Manager  At the count of three … I want everybody in the place to be To make some noise if ya down with me One, two, three I hope ya don't mind, let me clear my throat DJ Kool said it best. And here at The Arc Mercer, we have our own budding DJ! With the help of some of the staff, we have equipped Maurice with a cardboard DJ Turntable

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The Arc Mercer’s Got Talent Aplenty

January 2nd, 2018 by Dan Meara

By Daniel Meara, Communications Manager The Arc Mercer showcased its consumers’ abundant gifts in song, theater and dance at the annual “Arc Mercer’s Got Talent" show in mid-December. Under the direction of Arc Drama Manager Kirk Ponton, 18 performers took the stage at the Lawrenceville School on December 15 and held the audience spellbound throughout the two-hour show. Each performan

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The Arc Mercer Forms Choir Just in Time for the Holidays

December 21st, 2017 by Arc Mercer Social Media

Hello Arc Mercer Supporters! Tis the season ... and The Arc Mercer, under its new music teacher, is in the midst of forming a new choir to let the carols ring. A soprano and pianist, Jaclyn Delouie started with The Arc Mercer in October. "Directing choirs is one of my joys," Jaclyn said. She is eager to be working with consumers at The Arc Mercer. Not long after she began with The Arc Me

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The Arc Mercer Remembers Cathleen Mayernik

November 16th, 2017 by Dan Meara

The Arc Mercer held a ceremony remembering the late Cathleen Mayernik, who inspired her family to do everything in their power to ensure that her special needs would not stand in the way of her living as full a life as possible. The Mayernik family, known throughout Mercer County and beyond for their decades of passionate advocacy for people with special needs, credits Cathy for instilling in

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Doctoral Candidate Invents Assistive Technology

November 14th, 2017 by Arc Mercer Social Media

4.0 GPA Doctoral Candidate at the University of Maryland, Kavita Krishnaswamy, never showed up to her scheduled defense of her dissertation before the panel of senior academics. She sent her robot instead. Did we mention she was operating it from 16 miles away? Krishnaswamy lives with spinal muscular atrophy, a rare genetic disorder that causes the breakdown of nerve cells in the brain and s

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