Delaney Liranzo is The Arc Mercer’s Rising Star

October 25th, 2017

By Daniel Meara, Communications Manager

Delaney Liranzo of East Windsor is The Arc Mercer’s 2017 Rising Star Award recipient. The name of the award, which honors a person with special needs with whom The Arc Mercer works, suits her well, as she has risen impressively over her six years at The Arc Mercer. Not only that, she lifts the spirits of everyone around her. Delaney expresses deep affection for The Arc Mercer, calling July 11, 2011, the day she began coming to the agency, “the best day of my life.” The Award will be presented to Delaney at The Arc Mercer’s Gala on November 17 at the Stone Terrace in Hamilton Township. For information or to attend the Gala, visit

Delaney brightens a room simply by entering it. Her outlook affects her coworkers, who know they can count on her to pitch in with others’ work when she finishes her own. She is the first to acknowledge that her attitude was not always so positive, describing herself as hot-tempered. She gives credit to The Arc Mercer Healthcare Center Counselor Monica Quaste for helping her to adopt a calmer manner.

The Arc Mercer is Delaney’s extended family. In addition to Monica at the Healthcare Center, she names a cast of Arc Mercer staff who have assisted her over her years. These include staff members Jon Briggs, Chris Hargrave and Chiffon Young. She also mentions Arc Trans driver Bernard, who, Delaney said, “makes my day.”  Her network of friends at The Arc Mercer is a wide one, but her core group is Amy, Lynette, Andrew and Natalie.

Her personal and professional growth have gone hand-in-hand at The Arc Mercer. In her work, Delaney is always interested in learning new tasks, a great lesson for us all. Her conscientiousness led to her being entrusted with the mail delivery to The Arc Mercer’s main offices. The fact is, whatever she takes on she does with enthusiasm and a smile.

Delaney has been fulfilling her considerable potential since she joined The Arc Mercer and no doubt will continue to do so. The Arc Mercer applauds her accomplishments and looks forward to what is bound to be an impressive future. It is Delaney’s hope that her future will be at The Arc Mercer. “I hope I’ll never leave The Arc Mercer,” she said.

Come to The Arc Mercer Gala and celebrate Delaney and her fellow awardees. For information, contact Dawn Carmosino at 609-406-0181, ext. 113 or