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May, 2022 - Claudia Nance


Claudia was nominated twice this month! [1] Claudia is an all around team player. She works alongside any DSP, Shift Manager or Manager without complaint! She is very reliable and responsible. Any group home she works, the consumers enjoy her presence and are assisted to the best of her abilities. She cooks great meals, has great conversations with the consumers and she always makes time to hear all their concerns. She is very nurturing and means business when it comes to making sure a consumer meets their goals. She is a SUPER SUB. This honor is well overdue. [2] Claudia has been a substitute with the ARC for many years. She provides the best care at every group home she works. She is extremely attentive to the consumers and makes sure they work on their goals. She is a great role model for the new hires and she always completes assigned tasks. Claudia is reliable and the consumers absolutely love when she is on shift. She goes above and beyond with assisting with staff shortages. She rearranges her schedule so she can assist the ARC with coverage. Claudia used to be a sponsor for someone with disabilities. That person she cared for has since left to be on their own but he calls her all the time. Claudia passed that love and care on to our ARC individuals. SHE IS A GEM!

NOVEMBER 2021—Rosemary Reed

Rosemary works as an employment specialist and trains the consumers working in the Cafe. She is very passionate about her job and teaches the consumers the skills they need to work in a restaurant. Rosemary has been at the Arc for more then 2 years and the consumers are very comfortable working and interacting with her. She not only makes a difference in the lives of the consumers she works with but also in the lives of her fellow Arc Mercer employees.

DECEMBER 2021—Sharon Boone

Sharon is a dedicated BSP and works with the consumers in the Special Needs Day Program. She was nominated by 6 staff members this month and continues to have a positive influence in the lives of the consumers and   those she works with! She plans ahead for the consumers to keep them engaged and busy with creative and educational ideas. She is kind   hearted, positive, greets you with a smile and is willing to help out everyone. Sharon has been with the Arc Mercer for not quite a year, but she has quickly become an asset to her program and team.

(There are no pictures from the December awards as the ceremony was cancelled)