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The Family Supports department is an invaluable resource to the adults who use our programs, their families, and the various parties within The Arc Mercer who make everything possible.

The Arc Mercer is the ONLY agency of our kind that operates both a dedicated Transportation operation, AND a Mental and Behavioral health center to ensure that our residents have access to as many resources as possible. 

We take a whole-person approach to our mission and ensure that everything from health, through recreation, to career and financial planning are tended to with the utmost care.

It all starts with an introduction and introduction, intake, and admissions process  where families and caretakers can learn about the world-class programs we operate and how we can help their loved ones to choose and realize their goals.

Navigating the complicated network of stakeholders and providers is what we do best. 

The Family Support department is the driving force that ensures there is a smooth transition to The Arc Mercer’s umbrella of services. Furthermore, the Family Support’s mission is to assist with the ongoing communication between The Arc Mercer, families, and the various state agencies that we work with.  Throughout the year, our teams meet to discuss each individual’s needs and progress one at a time.  We find ways to break through barriers, and unlock potential to allow our residents and participants to thrive. 

Explore our services and programs to see why The Arc Mercer is the PREMIER agency.


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