I Hope

February 3rd, 2017

By Kristina Ackerman

On a daily basis, you will find Arc Mercer employees working directly with program participants to identify and pursue their dreams. Consumers are given the support and encouragement to follow their passions and develop their talents. For one consumer in the Special Needs Day Program, creative outlets have helped her increase her confidence and channel her emotions. Agnes has explored a variety of talents including knitting and painting, and most recently discovered writing poetry as a way to express herself.

Agnes dreams of having her work published someday in one of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books or other publications. The Arc Mercer is proud to be the first to publish this up and coming poet, and is excited to support her follow her dream as far as she can take it.

I Hope
Written by Agnes F

I hope you sing a song

to all the angels loud and clear.

I hope you’ll always try new things,

never giving into fear.

I hope you’ll fall in love

with one who makes your world go around.

I hope that one day soon,

someone like me is found.

I hope to find a rainbow 

and realize it was worth the rain.

I hope that through your journey

you’ll learn to balance smiles with pain.

I hope that you know that praying

will keep the pain away.