Opportunities for Those Who Work

February 23rd, 2017

By Tanya and Andrew

The Clerical Enclave teaches you the skills necessary to be a receptionist and it also teaches you about working as a team through its DIYRE (Do It Yourself Recording Equipment) and Terracycle jobs while training. As a receptionist, you learn how to sign consumers and visitors in and out as well as answering phones. In addition to that, this enclave teaches you how to keep logs up to date and executing security protocols to the fullest extent. We make sure that the consumers sign in and out and we make sure that the visitors sign the book. We make sure that the consumers get on their buses. We make sure that the menus get scanned and copied. We make sure that consumers turn off the music before the staff comes out of their offices. If any of the staff wants us to make copies, we do that, too. We also make copies of the attendance sheet and make sure the DIYRE gets picked up by the postmaster and Terracycle gets picked up by Federal Express and UPS.