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About Adult Resources Day Program

Our Adult Resources Day Program provides individuals with disabilities exposure to a variety of social, recreational, and vocational opportunities within their community. We are focused on providing not only program based skill building, but community integration opportunities. This community exposure reinforces the skills learned within the program setting.

All of our programs are tailored for progression! The Arc Mercer Adult Resources Day Program is dedicated to providing an environment which fosters personal growth and success. All those we support have the opportunity to progress from one program to the next as independence and skill level increase.


All program participants must be referred by the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD), Individual Support Plan or Real Life Choices Program. Please contact the Arc Mercer, and your Supports Coordinator/DDD Case Manager, for more information about our day programming options.

The Adult Resource Day Program has the flexibility to meet the needs of those we support by offering the following sub programs:

Adult Resource Program


A program tailored to those with an interest in the Arts Programs (Art, Music, Drama and Horticulture) or who are looking to enhance their Daily Living Skills. This program focuses on life skills and vocational skill building at the most beginning stages. Individuals also have the opportunity to participate in community based leisure activities.  It is dedicated to providing meaningful, person focused programming which fosters personal development and independence. It is our goal to develop the skills of those we support so they may contribute to the community in which they reside.

Trainings offered include:

  • Identification of Vocational Interest
  • Personal awareness/Life skills
  • Social Skills
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music
  • Sensory Development
  • Horticulture
  • Community Outings
  • Volunteer Opportunities

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Special Needs Day Program


The Arc Mercer Behavioral/Special Needs program is a day program designed to assist adults with

Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities who required enhanced, specialized supports  in achieving maximum potential in all daily living skills. Individuals identified for this program would benefit from enhanced support including on site Behavioral Support staff, smaller groups and increased training.

Trainings offered include:

  • Identification of Vocational Interest
  • Personal awareness/Life skills
  • Social Skills
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music
  • Sensory Development
  • Horticulture
  • Community Outings
  • Health and Safety
  • Self-Help
  • Behavior Management
  • Problem/Solution Identification

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History:  The Arctists Collective was founded in 2011 by The Arc Mercer, which is an organization that serves the greater Mercer County area providing individuals with developmental disabilities exposure to a variety of social, recreational, and vocational opportunities within the community. 

The Arctists Collective has allowed the Arc Mercer to introduce art and more importantly provide choices to individuals who have limited or no exposure to independent expression and decision making. The center operates with each artist focusing on their own art production or the liberty to join a group creation.  All of the adults in the program get to work with professional artists creating visual art primarily through drawing, painting, mixed media, and the “drip art” process.  The teachers facilitate but leave the artistic decisions to the artist.  The studio environment focuses on art creation while also building the independent living skills of observation, concentration, decision making, cooperation and exploration.

As a studio for emerging artists, The Arctists Collective serves the artist by providing the environment for creative expression, gallery promotion, and art as a vocation.  It is rooted in the belief that self expression through art can and will allow each artist to demonstrate that they are more than just a person with a disability.  It is dedicated to fostering artists whose interpretations of the world around us serve as a platform to encourage independent expression and decision making.

Drip Art:  Practicing a technique called “intentional dripping” artists of the Artcists Collective let art create itself.  One of the artists may choose their color of paint, fill a bottle, and swing it like a pendulum from the ceiling making ever diminishing circles of paint.  Another artist may choose to fold the canvas as the process continues giving complete control to the way paint moves and splatters until the collaboration decides it is complete.

The Drip Art style is ultimately rooted in what might be thought of as modern or abstract art.  However, central to their respective approach is an engagement with the everyday, evidenced in their choices of colors and textures of paint, layers and combinations of color.  It is based in self-expression, emotion, choice and spontaneity all at the same time.

Drip Art evolved from the “graffiti art” style creative process, introduced to Arc Mercer by the inner-city Trenton art group SAGE coalition.  This unique style of art is conducted with small groups of artists collaborating to create large scale building murals.  For the Arctists, adapting this unique style of applying the paint to the canvas creates each original piece of art.

Purchasing art:  Through community outreach and exhibitions we strive to bring recognition to the works created in our programs and to contribute to contemporary cultural discussions about art and disability.

When a piece of art is sold, fifty percent of the proceeds are paid directly to the artists and the remaining proceeds support the supplies and program needs of the collective as a whole ensuring its continued sustainability.  

Our Goal:  Our Goal is to empower artists with disabilities to reach beyond their current perceived capabilities to produce art that transcends the disability of the artist who created it.

The Arctists Collective strongly believes artists with physical challenges, artists who do not speak, and even artists who do not appear to recognize the presence of others around them can exhibit and sell artwork competitively alongside that of other contemporary artists without any of the typical prejudices or hierarchies that serve only to reinforce the marginalization of people with disabilities.

To purchase an art work/donate and for all art related inquiries, please contact:

Check out our artists artwork and upcoming events at

Megan DiFranco
609-989-9211 x 130

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The Arc Mercer Music Program is designed to promote the individual’s ability to express themselves through a variety of musical outlets. Be it vocal, instrumental, or lyrical we encourage participants to make their own artistic choices in an effort to facilitate communication through the medium of music.

In addition to our other vast Arts Programming, Arc Music allows our artists to have a voice in a field that, in the past, has not represented the disabled population.  On a larger scale our goal is to one day be able to showcase our multi-talented individuals on a professional level. We are committed to erasing the stigma of labels in order to allow our audiences to see that true talent has no boundaries.

-Private Instrumental & Vocal Lessons
-Percussion, & Song Writing Activities
-Fun & Engaging Musical Games
-An Emphasis on Individual Expression
-Recreational Performances

Participants can showcase their skills at monthly community performances, integrations with professional musicians, as well as recordings produced both in-house and at area studios.

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The Arc Mercer Drama Program is a 12 week course that seeks to honor and celebrate the individual, transcending the label of disability.  We facilitate a safe and judgment free environment, encouraging participants to collaborate together as an ensemble as well as discover their individual voices.

Arc Drama allows our actors to have a voice in a particular field that in the past has not represented the disabled population on a large scale.

Our goal is to one day showcase our multi-talented actors on a national level.  We are committed to erasing the stigma of labels in order to allow our audiences to see that true talent has no boundaries.

I would also like to add that program is designed to grow through experience and hard work.  Not only do we perform at local theatres but we are currently filming multiple videos/movies which will expand our horizon and influence in the drama community

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Arc Horticulture was started in 2012, as part of The ARC Mercer’s Vocational and Arts Programming, to provide hands-on experience to participants in the vastly broad field of horticulture, and endless opportunities for personal growth.  We encourage individuals to experience horticulture in a variety of community-based settings including community gardens, a greenhouse, and local office space located throughout Mercer County.

ARC Mercer Horticulture Program is a year-round program, designed to expose individuals to a variety of activities relating to growing and caring for plants.  Throughout the seasons, participants learn how to care for plants in an office setting as well as outdoors as weather allows.  During the cooler seasons we have access to an established greenhouse, where individuals learn the fundamentals of plant care, from growing plants from seed or in pots, to watering and maintaining plants in the greenhouse.

Through participation in the horticulture and landscaping program, individuals are also introduced to a variety of landscaping activities depending on the time of year.  Participants learn about typical seasonal tasks such as planting and watering plants, mulching and weeding beds, and raking leaves, as well as how and when to use various tools that gardeners use around the garden.  For more advanced individuals in the program, they learn how to use equipment such as push mowers and trimmers.

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Vocational Training


The Arc Mercer offers comprehensive employment training in a variety of vocational fields.  Our training offerings are specifically designed to maximize each individual’s potential.  Individuals receive training and guidance from a dedicated team of professionals whose primary focus is the advancement of those we serve.  This team tracks the progress, monitors the goals and provides supports needed to ensure that each individual achieves his or her goals.

The Arc Mercer’s vocational programming is designed to provide a seamless transition from training to employment.  Through various community partnerships and contracts, individuals participate in enclaves within the community where they apply their skills in integrated workplaces.  With the assistance of job coaches and site supervisors, individuals experience a variety of job opportunities.  These opportunities allow individuals to identify career paths that work for them and focus on competitive employment.


Arc Janitorial is responsible for cleaning nearly 3 million square feet of office space daily.  Individuals training in Arc Janitorial learn and apply the skills needed to keep the customers’ offices clean while earning a paycheck!


Arc Mail provides mailing services to customers which range from basic mailings to high volume bulk mailings.  Based out of the Arc Mercer’s Employment Center, individuals fulfill these jobs while learning valuable skills and earning a paycheck!


Arc Shipping and Receiving provides daily shipping services and inventory control to our customers.  Based at The Arc Mercer’s Employment Center, individuals training in this module are responsible for receiving, picking and packaging orders, maintaining inventory and updating databases daily.  They apply valuable skills while earning a paycheck!


shArc Document Destruction provides confidential shredding services to our customers.  Based at The Arc Mercer’s Employment Center, individuals training at shArc apply their abilities to maintain confidentiality and apply intricate skills while earning a paycheck!


Whether it is kitting, assembling, packaging or any number of other fulfillment needs, Arc Enterprises Fulfillment provides quality work to our customers.  Individuals training at The Arc Mercer’s Employment Center learn fundamental skills while earning a paycheck!


The Arc Mercer satisfies the appetites of many by cooking up tasty meals.  Whether it be catering an event, preparing meals for Meal on Wheels or offering snacks to employees, individuals training at Touch of Taste learn and apply every aspect of food preparation while earning a paycheck!

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