The Arc Mercer has been accredited by CARF International for a period of three years for the following services:

Community Employment Services:
Employment Supports
Community Employment Services:
Job Development
Employment Skills Training Services
Organizational Employment Services
*Governance Standards Applied

Vocational Training


The Arc Mercer offers comprehensive employment training in a variety of vocational fields.  Our training offerings are specifically designed to maximize each individual’s potential.  Individuals receive training and guidance from a dedicated team of professionals whose primary focus is the advancement of those we serve.  This team tracks the progress, monitors the goals and provides supports needed to ensure that each individual achieves his or her goals.


Arc Mercer in the Community

The Arc Mercer’s vocational programming is designed to provide a seamless transition from training to employment.  Through various community partnerships and contracts, individuals participate in enclaves within the community where they apply their skills in integrated workplaces.  With the assistance of job coaches and site supervisors, individuals experience a variety of job opportunities.  These opportunities allow individuals to identify career paths that work for them and focus on competitive employment.


Arc Janitorial

Arc Janitorial is responsible for cleaning nearly 3 million square feet of office space daily.  Individuals training in Arc Janitorial learn and apply the skills needed to keep the customers’ offices clean while earning a paycheck!


Arc Mail

Arc Mail provides mailing services to customers which range from basic mailings to high volume bulk mailings.  Based out of the Arc Mercer’s Employment Center, individuals fulfill these jobs while learning valuable skills and earning a paycheck!


ThompkinsArc Shipping and Receiving

Arc Shipping and Receiving provides daily shipping services and inventory control to our customers.  Based at The Arc Mercer’s Employment Center, individuals training in this module are responsible for receiving, picking and packaging orders, maintaining inventory and updating databases daily.  They apply valuable skills while earning a paycheck!


shArc Document Destruction

shArc Document Destruciton provides confidential shredding services to our customers.  Based at The Arc Mercer’s Employment Center, individuals training at shArc apply their abilities to maintain confidentiality and apply intricate skills while earning a paycheck!


Arc Enterprises

Whether it is kitting, assembling, packaging or any number of other fulfillment needs, Arc Enterprises Fulfillment provides quality work to our customers.  Individuals training at The Arc Mercer’s Employment Center learn fundamental skills while earning a paycheck!


Touch of Taste Food Service

The Arc Mercer satisfies the appetites of many by cooking up tasty meals.  Whether it be catering an event, preparing meals for Meal on Wheels or offering snacks to employees, individuals training at Touch of Taste learn and apply every aspect of food preparation while earning a paycheck!