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The Automotive Training Program provides skill training to individuals who express an interest in acquiring automotive skills in the areas of auto detailing. The basis of the program utilizes key components of the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) model, adapted to fit the unique needs of the individuals served. The ultimate goal of the program is to train and support our individuals so that they may obtain and retain meaningful employment. Individuals will establish a sense of purpose and value as a citizen in a place of employment, and positively contribute to the overall operation of the environment.

During the intake process an individual that shows an interest in the Automotive Training Program will receive an intake assessment. This assessment will enable our training staff to get an initial sense of the individual’s ability to perform various skills. Depending on interest and/or ability an individual may be placed in different phases of training. The Automotive Training Program addresses skills in the auto detailing areas with each broken out into specific skills/categories. Each category will lead to a positive vocational advancement for the individual, and the individual will discover and expand his/her optimal vocational potential as they achieve the ultimate goal of competitive employment.

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The areas of the Automotive Training Program include:

  • Getting Started
  • Safety
  • Maintenance/Repair
  •  Automotive Detailing
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Career Development

Getting Started addresses work readiness, basic safety, and identifying parts of a vehicle. Safety includes evacuation procedures, handling chemicals, First Aid, moving vehicles, setting up equipment, and shop clean up. Automotive Detailing and Light Repair outlines the interior, exterior, and engine of a vehicle. Policies and procedures address topics that will support the individual in understanding their role and the ‘business’ aspect of an automotive position. Career development focuses on obtaining and maintaining employment through job hunting and interviewing skills, and provides guidelines to maintaining employment.

Throughout the program, the individual will be evaluated and trained in the necessary skills in order to perform all of the given tasks in a safe, timely manner. Training will be conducted at a designated location or locations emulating, as best it can, the different work responsibilities and correct procedures needed to perform various automotive tasks.

Each area of the Automotive Training Program includes an overview of the skills addressed with goals and objectives to highlight the most important skills. Skills to look for should be considered prerequisite skills. A section assessment is also included which can be used for the initial intake to assess the individual’s abilities in performing the various work tasks, as well as an assessment through the training process. After an individual has been trained and assessed in the various automotive skills and achieves an 80% successful completion rate (determined achieving proficient of 80% of each section assessment) or is recommended by the vocational team, they will then be considered eligible for competitive employment.  They may also achieve a Certificate of Completion in the area of Auto Detailing to increase their chances of employment.

For more information contact Family Supports at 609.406.0181, ext. 112 or email familysupports@arcmercer.org.