Healthcare Center

Medical & Behavioral Supports


The Arc Mercer Health Care Center (HCC) (Age 18 & older) provides both medical and mental health care services for your loved one (individual).

We are the only agency in the area with an in-house Healthcare Center, run by specialized and experienced medical staff, dedicated to people with disabilities. We provide care in a comfortable environment which helps patients relax and feel safe.

We accept most major insurances.

The HCC provides unparalleled supports:

  • Since opening in 2011, mental health crisis emergencies decreased from 31 to ZERO annually, and has remained there every year since
  • Emergency room and hospitalizations are down 550% since inception
  • Over the past two years, several consumers who participated in group therapy have obtained skills necessary to move into independent living situations
  • Our HCC has an in-house wheelchair accessible exam room and scale
  • Several consumers have gained time with no supervision with on-going counseling who before required 24 hour supervision

By providing on-going counseling and mental health services several consumers needing behavioral interventions are now stabilized and employed.

“Care” from us

Contact Family Support at: 609-358-3804