Supported Employment


The Arc Mercer offers Supported Employment support. We support activities to help your loved one (individual) obtain & maintain a job in a community setting.


We are leaders in providing Individual & Small Group Employment Supports like:

  • Training activities
  • Systematic instruction
  • Participate in regular businesses, industries and community settings
  • Job placement
  • Job development
  • Employment negotiation support
  • Job analysis
  • Job coaching
  • Benefit support
  • Travel training
  • Mobile crews
  • Group Enclaves
  • Social enterprise employment

We provide the following steps to achieve your loved ones (individuals) goals like:


  • Pre-Placement – assessment, profile development, improving job seeking skills, addressing concerns, and outreach.
  • Job Coaching – Assistance with new hire process, on-site job coaching, communication support, and fading from the process at independence is established.
  • Long-term follow along – ongoing on or off site support ensuring job stabilization, addressing any changes, assist in career planning (e.g.; promotions, raises, new tasks, and other position options).

“Work” with us

Contact Family Support at: 609-358-3804