Tech Heavyweight: The Ballad of Dan “the man” Artman

July 27th, 2017


By Kirk Ponton, Community Arts Team Leader/Drama Coordinator

As most of you may know, our Arts Programming is constantly performing in multiple showcases in and around Mercer County year-round. This requires multiple sound bytes and music as well as extensive audio/video equipment which enhances our performances. And naturally, we love to have a record of these events to not only show our performers and the community, but also as a way of learning where we can improve. This is an essential tool in our growth and helping our artists become better at their crafts. But with so much footage to rummage through and so much equipment to organize, it sometimes becomes a difficult task to have the everything ready for viewing before the next event.

Low and behold, The Arc Mercer has a secret weapon … and his name is Dan Artman. Dan has been a consumer with The Arc Mercer for a number of years and anyone who knows Dan knows that he is a wiz at using computers. He can easily navigate through various programs, which explains why he is so elated when there are technical issues. That’s when Dan gets a chance to do what he loves to do … be the tech heavyweight.

With all of my duties here at The Arc Mercer, it is sometimes very difficult for me to edit the videos that we record. If you are not familiar with editing, it is a very arduous and tedious process that takes a plethora of man hours; i.e. I HATE EDITING!!! But with Dan “the man,” as I often refer to him, by my side, I know I can allocate that responsibility to him if necessary. His reaction to getting the footage to edit reminds me of when I was a kid and someone would give me peanut chews. By the way, I LOVE PEANUT CHEWS!!! Our conversations usually go a little something like this:

Me:  “Hey Dan, can you edit our last show so we can upload to our site?”

Dan:  “HD or SD?”

Me:  “Hey Dan, you think you can burn a copy of our last show to give to the performers?”

Dan:  “Should I burn 10 or 20 … not including the master copy?”

Me:  “Dan the man, can you make sure the wireless mics are ready to go?”

Dan:  “Already done. I also labeled each one according to who is going to use it and created a list to reference.”

Me:  “Dan, I’ve gotta go through 750 MB of footage from a corrupt hard drive. What’s the best way to do it?”

Dan:  “Give it to me.”

Needless to say, I’m not sure how we would get any of this done if it weren’t for his unwavering help and patience. Dan is a true master at this craft who is always willing to learn what he doesn’t know and teach what he has learned.

So Kudos to you sir … Kudos to Dan “The Man” Artman!

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