Due to State mandated closures, the following programs and services are suspended until further notice: All Day Programs, Respite (Aftercare, Saturday Drop-In) programs, the Occupational Training Center, the Arcade, All recreation events/evening clubs and all transportation services. Please continue to check back frequently for further updates.

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Board of Directors

Maria Fischer, Board President
Mayor Bert Steinmann, 1st Vice President
Jeff Hewitson, 2nd Vice President
Tom Colitsas, Treasurer
Sam Colavita, Parliamentarian
Janet Zatz, Recording Secretary
Rick Koreyva, Immediate Past President
Mayor Reed Gusciora, Delegate
Nantanee Koppstein, Delegate
Geoff Morris, Delegate

Members at Large

Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo
Patricia Jordan
Sebastian (Sonny) Panebianco
Janice VanDeusen
Dennis Pone
Anthony Prezioso
Jeffrey Schulmann
Alan Zeitlin