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June 2023 - Peter Lanelli

He has recently graduated on to working in the cafe at 180. I've watched him grow from someone who was mostly detached from what was going on around him to someone who is engaged, confident, excited about learning, and excited about teaching others the things that he has learned. He takes pride in the work that he does, is truly thriving in his new position.

Linda Panebianco Solo.JPG

May 2023 - Linda Panebianco

Linda has adjusted very well after enduring family losses. She is working very hard towards independence and is interested in gaining employment soon. Linda deserves to be recognized for her resilience and perseverance.


Shonta Dixon Solo.JPG

March 2023 - Shonta Dixon

Shanta has been adaptable and successful at all job assignments including the NJM café enclave, Rider, Tektite, and the Clerical team. Her focus and stamina are commendable! When another worker is struggling, she will always take time to assist them. Shanta often goes unnoticed because she is quiet and unassuming, but she deserves recognition for her outstanding qualities and effort!