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NOVEMBER 2021—Mark Fink

Mark was first introduced to Arc Mercer at the Residential BBQ last summer and was a big help from start. Shortly after, he joined the Greenwood house where he continues to shine and work on his goals. He joined the janitorial team and worked with     Marllury where he learned many skills in a short amount of time. He likes being part of a team and is eager to learn. He greets you with a smile and a “hello”, bringing a sense of happiness to those he meets!


DECEMBER 2021—Amy Brangs

Amy has significantly improved her listening and coping skills. Her improvement was noticed as she was nominated by 4 people this month. She has become a peacemaker when needed among her peers.  Amy has been achieving the goals set for her and accepts assistance when it is given. Her outlook has improved and staff, as well as her fellow consumers, have taken notice.  We are all very proud of Amy!

(There are no pictures from the December awards as the ceremony was cancelled)