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The Arc Mercer Health Care Center officially opened its doors in the Mercer County Community on June 8, 2011 with the vision to provide people with developmental disabilities both psychiatric and counseling services.  The Arc Mercer County Health Care Center staff brings a combined 30 years' experience providing exceptional care to people with developmental disabilities.  This is done through collaboration of care provided by our Mental Health Staff:  Jennifer Desmukes, D.O., Carolina Diao, M.D. Linda Weinberg, N.P., Harriet Asamoah, N.P., David Bokor, N.P., Monica Quaste M.A., LPC, Andrew Pillar, MPC, and Eleni Peltekis, LAC.

The American mental health crisis is exacerbated for the IDD community by the lack of experienced providers and the few who accept Medicaid payments. In 2011, Arc Mercer recognized this need and committed to do something about it. From humble beginnings, this state of the art healthcare center now serves nearly 400 patients across NJ.


A proper balance of medication assisted therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy is key to enabling our residents to realize their goals. As we work to increase independence, our team of Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners have reduced the use of psychotropic drugs across all of our patients, leading to a greater quality of life.


Talk therapy has been proven to increase compliance with treatment plans, decrease instances of crisis, and improve patients' goal achievement. Our staff of licensed counselors work with Direct Support Professionals to treat patients in person and virtually across the state.


Arc Mercer Behavioral Supports provides community-based assessments and support for those in need. Our behaviorists work in collaboration with our licensed psychiatric practitioners to reduce harm, improve outcomes, and better integrate our patients with their community.

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The Arc Mercer Health Center is located at:
1542 Kuser Rd.
Hamilton, NJ

For more information contact us at 609.989.9211 or email HCC@arcmercer.org.