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Day Habilitation Programs

Greater Mercer County’s PREMIER agency in providing COMMUNITY-BASED services for people with special needs and development disabilities.

Arc Mercer provides community-based supports in art, music, drama and horticulture delivered by our fully trained staff. For those who need significant support, the Arc Mercer offers a safety net with a diverse day program and a comprehensive behavioral support day program.

Enhanced behavioral supports day program offerings

Day Programs for individuals 21 and older (including a program for behavioral needs). Flexible days and hours are available at locations throughout Mercer County for the following programs.

Art Classes
Music Classes
Drama Classes
Horticulture Classes

Culinary Classes
Life Skills
Online Programs


  • Community-based art programs
  • 50 + art shows
  • 100+ live music performances
  • Integrated drama and music programs at the college of New Jersey and Mercer County Community College

*Respite Services: Aftercare and Saturday drop-in recreation for those 14 and older.

For More Information

Please contact Family Supports at 609.406.0181, ext. 112 or email familysupports@arcmercer.org