Day Program Resources

Welcome to your one stop shop for all of our Day Program resources! 

With the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, the Arc Mercer Day Program realizes that most of our participants have become restless and are eager, as most of us are, to regain some type of normalcy.  With that in mind, we have become committed to reconnecting without compromising safety of those in the disabled community and beyond. 

Whether it's art lessons, meditation, horticulture and culinary projects or drama games, some of The Arc Mercer staff have begun providing interactive workshops to keep our consumers busy while allowing friends to catch up with one another and stay connected.  We have created a series of videos that can be viewed here on our site as well as YouTube for everyone to enjoy!  - Kirk Ponton, Senior Community Engagement Manager

Enjoy some of your favorite activities from the comforts of your home or wherever you are! Be sure to check back frequently - our team is always hard at work creating new and exciting content for all of our consumers to enjoy!