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The Arc Mercer's Vocational Program: Empowering Individuals with Special Needs

At The Arc Mercer, we take pride in offering one of Mercer County's most robust vocational programs, a lifeline for over 300 individuals with special needs. Our vocational initiatives are primarily funded by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS), ensuring that individuals have access to meaningful employment opportunities.

Janitorial Social Enterprise: Transforming Workforces

Our janitorial social enterprise is a juggernaut, employing individuals who collectively clean over 2.6 million square feet of office space every day. This social enterprise not only provides valuable work experience but also instills a sense of pride and accomplishment in our participants.

Diverse Training Programs: Preparing for Success

The Arc Mercer's vocational training programs encompass a wide array of fields, including food service, clerical work, document shredding, and fulfillment services. These programs equip consumers with essential skills and knowledge, preparing them for a successful transition to integrated community employment settings. Program Offerings: A Path to Community Integration Our vocational training program is a progressive journey that identifies individual skills, provides targeted training, and nurtures interests across various fields. We emphasize community-based job training, culminating in job placements within the wider community.

Career Planning

Our vocational program assists individuals in charting their career paths and setting achievable goals.

Fulfillment Services:

Through our fulfillment program, participants gain hands-on experience in order processing, packaging, and distribution.

Document Shredding:

Participants receive training in secure document shredding, a valuable skill in today's professional landscape.

Janitorial Services:

Our janitorial program emphasizes teamwork, responsibility, and a strong work ethic while maintaining cleanliness in diverse environments.

Office/Clerical Work:

Participants develop administrative and clerical skills, preparing them for office-based employment opportunities.

Recycled Office Supplies:

Our program transforms recycled materials into office supplies, promoting sustainability and job skills development.

Food Service:

Participants learn essential food service skills, from food preparation to customer service.

Long-Term Follow Along Services:

Supporting Success Once our participants secure community employment, The Arc Mercer remains steadfast in its commitment to their success. Our dedicated employment specialists provide ongoing coaching and support in real work environments. They focus on training, skill development, and personalized teaching to maximize individual achievements. Additionally, our team liaises with the employer's management to address any concerns and tailor support to specific needs.

For More Information:

To learn more about The Arc Mercer's vocational program and the process of accessing vocational services, please contact the Occupational Training Center at (609) 393-2483 ext. 110 or email us at familysupports@arcmercer.org.

Our OTC staff is here to guide you from the application phase to final placement, ensuring a smooth and supportive journey toward meaningful employment.

Your success is our success.

Career Planning
Document Shredding

Recycled Office Supplies
Food Service

For More Information

Please contact the Occupational Training Center at (609) 393-2483 ext. 110 or email familysupports@arcmercer.org

Long-Term Follow Along Services

Once community employment is procured, the Arc Mercer provides coaching and supports in an on-the-job setting.   Based on the level of support needed, a dedicated employment specialist will assist with training, skills acquisition, and individualized teaching to maximize success.    They may also communicate with the employer’s management team to address concerns and focus on specific areas of need.


To learn more about the Arc Mercer’s vocational program, please contact the Occupational Training Center at 609-393-2483.    OTC staff can assist in explaining the process of obtaining vocational services from the application phase to final placement.