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The Arc Mercer offers one of the strongest vocational programs in Mercer County, with over 300 people with special needs employed.   Our janitorial social enterprise has built a workforce that cleans more than 2.6 million square feet of office space every day.   In addition, the Arc food service, clerical, shredding, and fulfillment training programs prepare consumers to transition to community integrated employment settings.

Program Offerings

Arc Mercer's vocational Training Program provides a progressive program that identifies skills, provides training and interests in a variety of fields, while offering Community Based Job Training, ultimately with job placement in the community. 

Career Planning
Document Shredding

Recycled Office Supplies
Food Service

For More Information

Please contact the Occupational Training Center at (609) 393-2483 ext. 110 or email familysupports@arcmercer.org

Long-Term Follow Along Services

Once community employment is procured, the Arc Mercer provides coaching and supports in an on-the-job setting.   Based on the level of support needed, a dedicated employment specialist will assist with training, skills acquisition, and individualized teaching to maximize success.    They may also communicate with the employer’s management team to address concerns and focus on specific areas of need.


To learn more about the Arc Mercer’s vocational program, please contact the Occupational Training Center at 609-393-2483.    OTC staff can assist in explaining the process of obtaining vocational services from the application phase to final placement.