Due to State mandated closures, the following programs and services are suspended until further notice: All Day Programs, Respite (Aftercare, Saturday Drop-In) programs, the Occupational Training Center, the Arcade, All recreation events/evening clubs and all transportation services. Please continue to check back frequently for further updates.

Vocational Program

Arc Mercer offers one of the strongest vocational programs in Mercer County, with over 300 people with special needs receiving a paycheck. Arc Mercers' social enterprise program has built a workforce that cleans more than 2.6 million square feet of office space every day. Our food training program prepares more than 100,000 meals annually.

Program Offerings

Arc Mercer's vocational Training Program provides a progessive program that identifies skills, provide training and interests ina variety of fields, while offering Community Based Job Training, ultimately with job placement in the community.

Auto Repair
Career Planning
Landscaping & Maintenance
Document Shredding

Recycled Office Supplies
Food Service

For More Information

Please contact Family Supports at (609) 406-0181, extension 112 or email familysupports@arcmercer.org