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The Shredding Training Program provides skills training, work experience, and employment opportunities to individuals who express an interest in document destruction and recycling.  The Arc Mercer follows guidelines outlined by NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) in order obtain the highest level of certification and compliance under the law. 


The shredding program addresses the necessary skills in document destruction and recycling that are requisite to successful employment in the community.  Safety, policies and procedures, and skill development are implemented and reinforced on a daily basis to ensure job efficiency and the ability to work independently.  Training is implemented with the final goal being employment with an Arc enterprise or a related position in the community.

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Getting Started addresses work readiness needs for the individual. It includes facility orientation, equipment identification and their functions, understanding confidentiality, and information on machine operation, materials that should be shred, and customer service.  Our shredding safety training addresses the use of shredder oil, using a pallet jack, lifting, and first aid and prevention. Policies and procedures provide guidelines for plant based document destruction, driver procedures, data breach notifications, unannounced audits, equipment operation and maintenance, billing and certification, in addition to the related forms. The Arc Enterprises Employee Handbook and CIRS forms are also included for reference. 

Throughout the program, the individual will be evaluated and trained in the necessary skills in order to perform all of the given tasks in a safe, timely manner. Training will be conducted at a designated location or locations emulating, as best it can, the different work responsibilities and correct procedures needed to perform various document destruction and recycling tasks performed in a shredding operation.

Each area of the Shredding Training Program includes an overview of the skills addressed with goals and objectives to highlight the most important skills. The prerequisite skills and section assessments are also included in the Shredding program. After an individual has been trained and assessed in the various document destruction skills and achieves an 80% successful completion rate (determined by achieving proficiency on 80% of each section assessment) or is recommended by the vocational team, they will then be considered eligible for competitive employment. They may also achieve a NAID certification to increase their chances of employment.

For more information contact Family Supports at 609.406.0181, ext. 112