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Janitorial Skills Training Program

The Arc Mercer Janitorial Skills Training program provides training to individuals who express an interest in acquiring commercial cleaning employment.    The program stems from the standards of the International Sanitary Supply Association, (ISSA) which ensures that potential employers are aware that applicants are fully trained in the custodial skills required for the job.  Areas of the janitorial skills training program include:



-Cleaning Skills

-General vs. Detail Cleaning

-Professional Behavior

-Project Cleaning

-Career Development


Upon the successful completion of all facets of training, individuals are prepared in interview skills and given job application assistance.  Placement options include the Arc janitorial enterprise or private community based employment.

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Program Overview

Getting Started: Embark on your journey by understanding the basics of personal hygiene, work readiness, team cleaning vs. zone cleaning, and a facility orientation with hands-on exposure to supplies and equipment.

Safety: Prioritize safety with lessons on personal protective equipment, handling chemicals and cleaning supplies, First Aid and prevention, electrical outlets, lifting techniques, and awareness of bloodborne pathogens.

Policies and Procedures: Explore the business aspect of a janitorial position through topics such as the code of ethics/building etiquette, evacuation/sheltering procedures, equipment maintenance, ordering/refilling supplies, and reporting damaged or malfunctioning equipment.

Cleaning Skills: Master specific cleaning skills, including dusting, cleaning glass, sweeping, mopping, trash and recycling removal, vacuuming, and replenishing supplies. Learn additional skills such as washing and drying mop heads and rags.

General and Detail Cleaning: Dive into the details of cleaning specific areas, including restrooms, hard floors, carpets, offices, elevators, common areas, conference rooms, break rooms/kitchen areas, and food service kitchens.

Project Cleaning: Take your skills to the next level by learning about moving furniture, carpet extraction, and scrubbing/buffing floors.

Career Development: Focus on obtaining and maintaining employment through job hunting and interviewing skills, along with guidelines for maintaining employment.

Training Evaluation and Certification

Throughout the program, individuals will be continuously evaluated and trained in janitorial skills, ensuring proficiency in performing tasks safely and efficiently. Upon achieving an 80% successful completion rate, individuals will receive a Certificate of Completion in the area of Janitorial Services, enhancing their employability.

Contact Information

For more information, contact Family Supports at 609.406.0181, ext. 112, or email familysupports@arcmercer.org.