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Career Planning







Greater Mercer County’s PREMIER agency in providing CAREER PLANNING services for people with special needs and developmental disabilities.


The Arc Mercer has exceptionally caring and dedicated staff that strive to help an individual’s goal become a reality when it comes to finding a career. Upon entry, staff meets with each individual to discuss possible career options. Various career options can be explored or a training placement can be implemented immediately, depending on the needs and desires of the individual.


Once a career goal is established, the individual engages in specific skills training with community employability as the end goal. Specific to each career track, the individual will be trained in interpersonal skills.Through specialized training the individuals gain an understanding of the key factors that help maintain employment. The Arc Mercer’s attentive and devoted staff supports the individual each step of the way. Our well trained staff supports the individual from job training, job hunting to adjusting to the workplace environment.


For more information contact Family Supports at 609.406.0181, ext. 112 or email familysupports@arcmercer.org.